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Inspecting Chillers, and Desalination plants throughout the Middle East

Eddy current Probe

Welcome To The Only Specialized Eddy Current Company In the Middle East

Who We Are

Our Company has been formed from qualified eddy current inspectors with worldwide and Middle East experience, some of our inspectors have over 25 years field experience. Being in the Middle East we mainly undertake the testing of chillers condensers and evaporators.

We are a British run company operating out of Dubai UAE, our service areas are all the Middle East and the UK.

Scope of Work

Desalination plants

Ship Condensers

Gas Evaporators and coolers

AC / Chiller condensers and evaporators

The Advantages of Eddy Current Testing

* Determine general tube integrity
* Detect tube OD and ID problems
* Detect water treatment problems
* Detect water flow problems
* Detect machine vibration problems
* Detect tube manufacturing problems
* Detect and prevent potential tube failure problems
* Compare future inspections to monitor tube integrity


There are many different problems that may occur in any particular chiller, depending on design, location, off season storage, maintenance, operation, etc. Eddy Current testing is the only reliable, affordable and quick method of inspection that can detect most chiller tube problems before a tube rupture occurs. Understanding that nothing is 100% accurate, there are some limitations to Eddy Current inspection being a comparative method of inspection.

Many variables that occur in the many different types of chiller tubing that may affect the true accuracy of Eddy Current testing. Still, the advantages greatly outweigh the disadvantages with top of the line equipment, probes, and experience that we have to offer. Any potential tube failure detected by Eddy Currents Testing can save thousands of dollars and prevent lengthy shut down time, during peak chiller season

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