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Inspecting Chillers, and Desalination plants throughout the Middle East

Chiller inspection

AC Centrifugal Chillers

Our Main Clients

As you can imagine being out in the middle east there are thousands of these units. Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Bahrain and Kuwait are our main clients.

The biggest failure of these units are from the tubes leaking and does cost thousands of dollars to fix if damage is done to the compressor.

Service Contracts

We Offer service contracts to insure that you have your inspections done on time and to insure that if somthing is going wrong with the tubes it can be found before tube falure causes major damage to your equipment. We offer service contracts in Dubai Bahrain and the Middle East

Chiller tube inspection

Most Chillers have finned tubes and changes in dimentions as they meet the tube plates, at the tube plates somtimes they are expanded. These type of tubes are very difficult to test for the unexperienced, to detect cracks on the expanded area near the tube plate requires using multipal frequencies, correct opperator setup for the testing and technicians with experience.

finned tubes